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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Which level is the Genset at? 
    • Level 2
  2. Is the water heater gas or electric? And does hot water supply to the kitchen as well?
    • Electric. Yes.
  3. For the 14 commercial car park lots, it is open for members of the public or are they meant for shop owners? 
    • Those commercial lots are meant for members of the public; there are no lots allocated for shop owners 
  4. Are the unit doors equipped with Yale digital locks? What are the methods to open the door? 
    • Yes, Yale digital locks. Method to open includes: fingerprint, PIN, mobile app and physical key. 
  5. What are the flooring materials used for the different unit types, in the living halls?
    • Porcelain for 1/2/3 bedroom units and Natural Marble for 4/4dk/5 bedroom units 
  6. Is there aircon blower for the study and flexi room for 2,3 & 4 bedroom units? 
    • Yes
  7. Will all Master room cabinets be equipped with the Accessories compartment?
    • Yes
  8. For the Dining Room function room at Level 3, does it come with a Hob/Sink/Mixer? 
    • Yes 
  9. Are the BBQ pavilions equipped with charcoal or induction type cookers?
    • Induction
  10. Are all windows tinted?
    • Yes, all windows are tinted. Windows on sides that faces the AC Ledge will be frosted 
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